Basic Backup Kit


Our Basic Backup Kit is designed to help professionals on the go access large files between locations, improve file management, and gain mobile flexibility while on the job. The Basic Backup Kit includes a DataTale 2-Bay RAID System and a DataTale Portable 3.5-inch HDD Enclosure (Single Drive). It is most practical when using the RAID System under Mirror or JBOD modes.

Under JBOD mode: with our SmartGuider*, either hard drive in the 2-Bay RAID System can be easily taken out and directly inserted into a Portable Enclosure for travel. Each hard drive inside the Portable Enclosure can be modified and put back into the 2-Bay RAID System to support the host computer as an individual hard drive.
*Taiwan New Design Patent # M354309

Under Mirror mode: with the SmartGuider and Portable Enclosure, files stored in the 2-Bay RAID System in the office can be easily brought home for protection and further revision or vice versa. It is convenient for professionals who frequently share big files between different locations or prefer to keep valuable files at different locations for security reasons.

Please go to "Teach Me" section under "Support" for How to Backup a Modified Disk.

See "Specifications" for each special combination provided!

  • Supports current SATA II compliant HDDs, fully backward compatible with SATA 1.0 and SATA 1.0a compliant HDDs.

  • The "Desktop" editions of WD hard disks are not recommended. See Are there any limitations for SATA hard disks in RAID Systems in the "DataTale RAID System: General" section under FAQ page.

  • Appreciates Hot Plug support and effortless drive swapping

  • Suitable for often HDD swapping with an open-back design (Portable only)

  • Combines enclosure and 1394 repeater functionality (Daisy chain)

  • Enables simplified HDD installation, trayless HDD positioning, and HDD replacement with SmartGuider

  • Maintains optimum temperature and more efficient heat dissipation with rugged aluminum housing

  • Enhances airflow with silent fans and mechanical designs

  • Reduces noise and dimension of the case significantly due to the no fan design (Portable only)

  • Sits stably on a desktop with lasso feet on both edges (Portable only)

  • Secures HDD's position when the HDD is moved around with Twist Locks (Portable only)

  • Prevents over-tightened HDDs with auto-limiting segmented screw

  • Reduces power consumption with HDD spin up/down support (Portable only)

  • Monitors system status via LED indicators (RAID System only)

  • Monitors current power status and data access with an LED-Integrated Power Button (Portable only)

  • Configures RAID modes easily using switches, no IT expertise required

  • Simplifies RAID management, no software installation required

  • Provides RAID 0 (Striping), RAID 1 (Mirroring), and JBOD (None RAID) for effective storage management

  • Partners well with DataTale RAID Systems under JBOD or Mirror modes

  • Extends connection flexibility to host with plug-n-play via High-Speed USB 2.0, eSATA, 1394a and 1394b ports

  • For PC & MAC user RS-M2QO 2-Bay RAID System & TQ-M12H Portable HDD Enclosure


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