DataTale Mac mini Rack Enclosure

RACK M-100

DataTale RACK M-100 & M-120 Mac Mini RACK enclosure is the best solution for adding one or two Mac mini server and computer to a standard rack chassis, supporting one or two Mac mini side-by-side with easy access to its main ports. DataTale RACK M-100 & M-120 uses 1U height and can be optionally equipped with slide rails for even better access to the Mac mini installed.

The RACK M-100 & M-120 is equipped with pre-installed ports, allowing easy access to Mac Mini's HDMI port, Ethernet Gigabit port and USB 3.0 ports. It also provides a front panel power switch to power on/off the Mac mini as well as a USB 3.0 port to conveniently access each Mac mini from the front (i.e. attaching a keyboard/mouse).

DIY Kit is for 2nd Mac mini consisting of all metal parts, screws, rubbers, cables. RACK M-100 can be upgraded to be RACK M-120 with the DIY Kit.

  • Compatible with Mac mini or Mac mini Server

  • Having extra space for the external storage device such as a backup enclosure or a Thunderbolt to Fiber Channel adapter

  • Pre-installing ports for HDMI, Ethernet Gigabit and USB 3.0 ports

  • Having a power button activator to turn on/off the Mac mini

  • Monitors the Mac mini status with the LED indicators

  • Use 1U height for the standard rackmount

  • Dissipates heat efficiently with the large back panel opening
  • Cable/Connector 1x USB 3.0 cable/port front,
    1x USB 3.0 cable/port rear,
    1x HDMI cable/port rear,
    1x Ethernet cable/port rear
    Compatibility Mac mini (Mid 2010, Mid 2011, Late 2012)
    Mac mini Server (Mid 2010, Mid 2011, Late 2012)
    Rackmount Standard 1U
    System Material Metal Housing
    LED Indicator Mac mini power status indication
    Dimension 447 x 482 x 44 mm
    Weight 3.9 KGS
    Package Rackmount 1U enclosure for (1) Mac mini*
    USB cable x 2
    HDMI cable x 1
    Ethernet Gigabit cable x 1
    *Mac mini not included
    Optional Package Short Rails kit: 373.50mm (P/N 460-23138001)
    Slide Rails Kit: 550 ~ 615mm (P/N 460-23148001)
    DIY Kit for 2nd Mac mini consisting of all metal parts, screws, rubbers, cables (P/N 460-24148001)